Picky eating can be annoying. But it can also be downright stressful and at times scary!

Does your child...

  • gag on food,
  • hold food in his or her cheek for a long time,
  • struggle to swallow,
  • only eat certain textures,
  • not eat enough,
  • constantly chew on toys and clothes,
  • get anxious around food?

If you said yes to any of these, your picky eating struggles may have nothing to do with food! They could stem from impaired mouth functionality.


How do you know if it's just typical kid behavior or if you need to get help?


Use this simple guide to assess your child's mouth function!


I'll help you pinpoint the problem area and take the next right step to address it.

Don't watch your child struggle through dinner for one more day.


Get your mouth function assessment guide!